December 2023

Lead guitarist found !

With Rolli, we have found a lead guitarist who suits us and who enriches and develops our arrangements and our songs with his enthusiasm.

Enjoy our new sound!

June 2023

Röfe has gone into his well-deserved retirement - a step that we all wholeheartedly begrudge him.
Unfortunately, however, he will spend this new phase of his life in Italy and is emigrating! It's just warmer in Italy :-)
A real shame for the Bluesmatters. But we look forward to being with him and also to musical hours when we visit him in his new home.

Heinz took the opportunity and left the band: he would like to devote more time to jazz in the future. We wish him and his fellow musicians much success!

Since Adi is unfortunately struggling with major complications after his broken hand and the operation and unfortunately is no longer able to play the guitar, we will have to find a replacement fr his replcement.

February 2022

We have a new addition:
Rolf (Röfe) Allemann replaces Adi, who unfortunately is still absent, and completes the Bluesmatters as an experienced lead guitarist.

November 2021

Unfortunately, Adi, our guitarist, suffered a complicated hand fracture at work. He's awaiting an appointment for surgery and will probably be out for a long time

April 2021

We have been in the band room once a week since beginning of April and rehearse - with masks and a lot of distance - but it's a lot of fun and we are happy. Mischa has written a lot of songs and we are busy arranging and practicing ...

We hope that we will soon have the opportunity to play some of our new songs live for you again.

Until then: Stay healthy and get vaccinated !

Happy New Year !!!!

We wish all our friends a good start into the new year and look forward to meeting again in 2021 - whenever possible.

We have a lot of new songs for you!
Stay healthy !

2nd wave

Unfortunately, there are currently no musical activities due to the 2nd Corona wave.

BluesMatters now with cajon and percussion

Our intensive search has paid off: Heinz became a new member of BluesMatters by the beginning of September 2020. Heinz plays the cajon and percussion - an ideal addition to our soulful songs and as a professional musician with the right age for the band.

We play music again

We have been rehearsing regularly in our band cellar since May 14, 2020. We are in a comfortable position to have enough space and to distribute ourselves generously so that a sufficient minimum distance can be maintained even when singing.

Even if it is not yet clear when and under what conditions appearances and concerts will be possible again:
We are ready!


Due to the provisions of the Federal Council and the recommendations of the BAG, we have stopped all activities since the end of February 2020. There are no band rehearsals or performances.

We hope that it will be possible and allowed to hold musical events again soon and wish everyone good health until then!

News from the band

Our lead guitarist Adi became a father for the third time on January 28th, 2020.

We congratulate to the birth of his daughter Yela !!!!

Gigs - sorry, not up o date!


03-09-2021 Weddingparty Lesley und Florian

14-08-2021 Sommeranlass Kantonal-Solothurnischer Gewerbeverband


2020-09-05 private party

2020-01-29 Blues & more - Der Fährimann Sam liest Erich Kästner


2019-11-01 private party

2019-10-12 1st rehearsal with friends, opening party band cellar

News from BluesMatters' band cellar

November 2019

We are looking for a keyboarder to expand the band.

To all interested musicians:
contact us, we invite you for a band rehearsal in our band cellar in Solothurn to get to know each other.

October 2019

Our repertoire is growing and growing - Mischa just wrote the 54th song, wow! !!!

Since we have a lot to practice - after all, there are already 24 songs. Not bad for a formation that has been playing together for just under 5 months and only performs its own songs.



2019-10-10 the band cellar is completed on schedule

2019-08-01 From today we are officially tenants of the (for us) most beautiful vaulted cellar in Solothurn

Gewölbekeller 2

2019-07-04 Today something big is starting: we 4 are now a band - the BluesMatters!

2019-06-14 First jam session with Pesche and Adi in Thomas's sauna cabin in the Bluesmatt in Farnern

2019-05-10 Mischa and Thomas decide to find musicians and start a new band

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