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We BluesMatters play only our own songs. We are in the happy situation that Mischa not only writes beautiful lyrics, but also composes great melodies. Together we arrange the songs on this basis and work on them until we are all satisfied and happy with it. Often a tedious, long and discussion-intensive process - but the feedback from the audience confirms our work and is our motivation for each additional song.

Currently our repertoire consists of over 80 own songs, of which currently 40 songs are musically finalized by now.

We let the tape run at 2 rehearsals in February 2019. Here are a few samples from our band cellar.

Recorded like an amateur, without great technology, without frills, every song live, in one piece - authentic !

New recordings will be uploaded soon....

The war was over
Addicted to the blues
Diggin' a deep deep hole
Rainy city at night
Hello stranger
Something weir is going on
Joe's on the run
Singin' the blues all day long
Far away thunder
By the bridge under the lantern
Dreams of you
A ramblers love affair
Down by the lighthouse
Goin' back to Sally
Daunted by the dark
Violet brume
A willow tree
Clinching my grandchilds hand
Half past two in the morning
He's between the devil and the deep blues sea
Humming the blues
Lion lane two
Where did you go
Snowy monday morning
The tramp by the gateway
Thirteen is not the number
The world stands still
Autumn has awakened
So now we say goodbye
Fly little tweety fly
A lonesome drifter
Singing the blues at night

More songs from BluesMatters (all own songs):

A summer tune

AI may I

Been asleep all day

Black widow dance

Blues in E

Can't you hear us singing the blues

Don't bother calling out my name

Flying into another sphere

Gonna rock you

Got there in the morning

He called his sparrow Chin Chin

I had a dream one summer night

I need to ramble on

Immortal blues

Jeremias, Fred and Paul

Little peace soldiers

Long overdue turning the tide

Magic brew

Music with no end

My ball and chain

My cellphone's vanished

My heart is yours and your heart is mine

Once upon a green tree

Reassured pipe dreams

Rocking music for you

Summer blues

The miss who missed a kiss

The puppet

The raven and the fox

This ballad is for you

Treasured silver moon

Tying the ends

White strands in my hair

Will this soon be over

Writing music