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We have found each other, four seasoned musicians, and bring all our feelings and decades of experience together to achieve great things together as BluesMatters.

BluesMatters - more than just our band name: it describes in two words what drives us, what moves us, what is important to us, what shapes our lives, what our heart beats for and what connects us.

So our musical style is clear - however, in addition to classical blues, we also play ballads, folk songs, rock and country - our music can best be described as "Americana".

We only play our own songs, written by Mischa and arranged by the whole band.

With 2 guitars, bass and drums, we play melodic songs that are characterized by the varied arrangements, sometimes soulfully calm, sometimes fast, sometimes rousing, sometimes jazzy or swinging. Songs that tell beautiful stories with poetic lyrics. Sometimes subtle, sometimes powerful - a band that you enjoy listening to and looking forward to the next songs.

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MISCHA guitar & vocals

Michael Bamberger, 1949, Sweden

As a sales executive for well-known Swiss watch brands, Mischa was living and acting all around the world. Retired a few years ago, he finaly has time now to intensify his creative interests and skills.

After hitting the strings for "Fish & Chips" in Neuchatel in the 60s and later on for "Indian Summer" (the band that originated Krokus), music became less of a priority until 2012.

In addition to painting, his inclination especially for music increased. As singer & songwriter he writes and composes all the emotional songs that tell sad, contemplative, but also happy or banal stories from everyday life in beautifully poetically described pictures or metaphors.

With his charismatic voice, Mischa as the lead vocalist is responsible for the expressive and soulful interpretation of the songs and gives the music of the BluesMatters their unique sound and character.

THOMAS bass & backvocals

Thomas Kennel, 1960, Switzerland

Professionally, Thomas ensured that the Swiss kitchen cupboards were overflowing until the end of 2023: as a product developer, he was responsible for all the new and practical kitchen helpers at Betty Bossi, the most famous culinary company in Switzerland.
From 2024 he will enjoy finally having time for all his hobbies as an early retiree.

In his youth, Thomas plucked the string of a washtube-bass and sang for years with the "castle skifflers" and decades later, in 2008, he rediscovered his delight for music.

Since his left hand only has 5 fingers and thus not enough to play the 6 strings of a guitar, he remained close to the lower notes, but evolved to the double bass. In the meantime, guitar bass and ukulele bass were added, and Thomas makes sure that the BluesMatters have an unruffled, solid and warm sound carpet. Matching his instruments, he has a distinctive, deep voice, with which he shapes the back vocals of the band.

ROLLI leadguitar

Roland Chopard, 1960, Switzerland

Roland Chopard, born 14.07.1960, went to school in Basel and Murten, trained as a chemical laboratory technician, later as a businessman with further training in the fiduciary sector and has been self-employed for 15 years. He teaches guitar playing, runs a mini guitar store, builds and "pimps" guitars. In his "spare time", he is interested in art, enjoys reading and writing and indulges in model making.

VACANT Drums, Cajon

John Doe, we are looking for you !

Photo and CV will follow as soon we find you...

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